But There’s Always The Back Country…

Posted: June 26, 2011 in Snowy Mountains
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Temperature wise, today in the Snowy Mountains feels more like October last year than a June day this year.

The skies were blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. I mean last October…the 20th to be exact.

Bruce Easton, who is the guy in the photo above, crossing the Snowy River  took ‘A Hard Life’ and Owain Price from SnowAction Magazine for a little back country jaunt to Blue Lake on a day like today and while it was a 20km round trip it was certainly worth the effort to make some turns in that new spring snow.

You can see more of that exploit by checking out our Flickr pages.

So if the resorts aren’t beckoning to you and you are feeling a little adventurous may I humbly suggest you go for a wander out in the back country….

But while you can lose that jaded feeling from too much resort ski-ing don’t lose yourself…have a chat with Bruce at Wilderness Sports first, he is a great guide and can assist you with all your back country needs.


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