But There Is Always Pizza…

Posted: June 27, 2011 in Snowy Mountains

Yes Pizza is the food of life… the Italians get that right… I always wanted to be Italian because they do know how to eat well and sharing a meal is always an event where no one is excluded and everyone is happy… well who isn’t really if they have a full belly?

So when meeting with my very southern French friend and her son after a day of shredding the only meal that seemed appropriate for this Marseille born woman was the local Jindabyne Pizza palace, which according to her recommendation was ‘Mario’s Mineshaft’.

I am not at all familiar with the local cuisine in the Snowy Mountains as yet but pizza and pasta are the ubiquitous staple of us inner city folk so it seemed like a safe bet. There is a certain European style that resonates more strongly in the mountains than in those poor city cousins of Mario’s and we walked into a large warm space with big wooden tables and ample attention from our host Mario.

In fact we changed tables to set up a computer for our young companion to watch while his mother and I ‘gas-bagged’ In sydney this probably would have caused a problem but we set the whole staff searching for an electricity outlet without any fuss.

The three waitresses, Kristy, Chloe and Cali were sweetness personified. Young and seasonal staff they maybe but sweet is never a word anyone uses about food service anymore. It made us feel like part of a family, rather than alienated city slickers down here on a ski holiday. That’s a nice thing… everyone likes to belong somewhere and thats how Mario’s Mineshaft made us feel.

Ok pizza is pizza, but I have to say Mario’s serves the best snowpeas I have ever eaten…they are the ones in the picture…

So all in all Mario’s Mineshaft gets a big tick for family oriented friendliness and a 8 plus for their snowpeas…

Check it out at Lakeview Plaza Motel, 2 Snowy River Ave…


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