But Not If You Are A Photographer!

Posted: July 20, 2011 in Snowy Mountains
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Finally after a two week internet delay (Telstra are you listening?) we would like to present  Alex Poulos as ‘It’s a Hard Life’s’ very first local Jindabynian featured artist. The photograph above is an intriguing portrait of a grey gelding Alex happened across in a misty paddock early one morning. Asked why she liked it more than other possible photographs that she could have selected to publish she replied simply ‘I think it captured his personality’.

And indeed it has certainly expressed a keen understanding for her subject. Alex’s chosen theme is something that is dear to her heart, she is one of the elite Snowy Mountains horsemen and women that inhabit the region and as a show rider she has a love of grey horses and of photography.

At seventeen, Alex has by her own estimation led a charmed life. Inspired by her beautiful surroundings to work for and buy her own camera she considers photography is the most modern form of art and that what draws her to the medium is the ability to freeze frame a moment in time.

Alex believes she has been incredibly lucky to grow up in the Snowy Mountains and as the daughter of Con and Donna Poulos, local ski-ing identities she has divided her time between the ski-slopes and the riding arena.

Yet Alex longs to see other parts of the world and after pursuing her dream of completing a degree in advertising and media I would not be surprised to see Alex jetting around the world camera in hand… but I know her heart will always belong to the Snowy Mountains..

  1. Rifqi says:

    Nice shot, I especially like the light.

    • pjhoggers says:

      Yes, the lighting is one of the most important compositional aspects of this image… It adds to the expression and mystery.

      All in all a beautiful shot from a new young talent!

  2. Brett Smith says:

    Hi Lisa,

    How do we enter a photo in the comp?

    • pjhoggers says:

      Hi there Brett,

      Do you have a Flickr account? If you do all you have to do is click the Flickr icon on ‘Its A Hard Life’s’ website, go to the Group ‘Its A Hard Life’ and upload the photo marked clearly with the title and your name. Then send me an email letting me know your contact details and I will get in touch with you if we decide to publish. Its a free entry, with NO copyright retention and the selection will be done by the esteemed editors of Photojournale between the 1st and 5th Sept. The winner will spend a day in a photographic workshop or private lesson with photojournalist Lisa Hogben. Any subject matter is welcome as long as it pertains to the Snowy Mountains region. If you don’t have a Flickr account just send the image to our email address with all the relevant information and we will post it to Flickr with your photo credit. If you have anymore questions just let us know…Cheers ‘Its A Hard Life’

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