But the Sun is Shining…

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Photography, Snowy Mountains

Well after what appears to be an extremely long absence shooting other stories and working on my upcoming exhibition in Sydney in the Headon Photo Festival I am back and in the mood to take some great photographs of the local surroundings.

And what better time of year than this to organise an impromptu day long photographic workshop in the visually blessed Snowy Mountains region of Australia?

For all of you who wish to celebrate the brillance of the summer wildflowers in the high country by taking home a photographic memento of the experience I invite you to join me in a journey of discovery of the Alpine region on Sunday 15th January.

With the perfect long days, soft light and mild temperatures what could be more pleasant than a drive to one of the many beautiful wilderness walks in the area carrying a pack lunch and a camera?

With years of experience in teaching photography I can help you get the best out of your camera equipment and create the best images you possibly can.

Starting at one of the many walking tracks in the Alpine area we will discuss what particular interests, expectations and goals students wish to achieve through the course of the day and examine each individuals photographic equipment.

After completing the walk and photographing particular areas of interest, while discussing the best techniques for creating atmospheric images that best describe and capture the experience the student has had the class will be invited back to a thorough review and critique session of the photographs at the beautifully appointed Hogben’s Hut.

Students will meet in Jindabyne at 9.30am and travel to one of the walks in their own transport. The class will conclude at sunset at the Hut. For more details, what to wear and what to bring please email lisa@lisahogben.com. Course cost excluding transport or lunch $140.00 per person. No concessions.


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