Its A Hard Life…. In The Mountains was born from the real life experience of many years of working as a ski-instructor in ski-resorts all over the world and twenty five years of experience as a photojournalist for publications such as TIME, The New York Times, The Australian and The Sun Herald as well as a deep an abiding love for mountain culture.

The incredible but sometimes difficult lifestyle of the Snowy Mountains in Australia is rich with real characters, hype, winter madness, summer glory, sporting and other kinds of prowess but most of all there is an honesty, grit and determination in the people that dwell here that is like the granite boulders that are strewn across the landscape.

From the Ngario people of time immemorial to the lastest Swedish ski-instructor the people of the Snowy Mountains are a unique bunch and in the reporting of their daily doings I hope to bring a contemporary face to an old legend….

I will be telling the story of todays mountain dwellers in photographs and words, with the news they create with their activities and with my tongue firmly planted in my cheek!

So read on… spread the word… together we will have mountains of fun!


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