Photographic Snow Shoe Tours

Australia is reknown across the world for its beaches and surfing and its red desert interior though few people have knowledge of it for having some of the most magnificent Alpine terrain in the world. With a greater area of snow cover than in the entirety of Switzerland, the Australian Alps have a visual cornucopia to offer.

Easily accessible from Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, even a short sojourn in the Snowy Mountains of Australia can convince the avid photographer that the incredible and unique beauty of the area must indeed be captured.

To this end TIME photojournalist Lisa Hogben and certified mountain guide Bruce Easton have combined forces to create a one day photographic snowshoe workshop to give people a taste of the Alpine habitat and bring back lasting memories to print or simply share on Facebook with their friends.

Starting at Jindabyne, at the base of the Alps, in the morning, Bruce will outfit the participants with appropriate snowshoeing equipment and lead the three hour tour through some of the most scenic and photographically ideal spots in the mountains only accessible by walking on snow.

Lisa will assist participants with their camera related technical and compositional issues and questions and guide the students into directing their gaze at the matchless splendour of the Alps.

On return to Jindabyne in the afternoon a two hour photo review will be held to give participants essential feedback and the benefit of expert editing skills from Lisa’s years of editorial experience.

Tours will run from August to late October 2011 and are an ideal activity for camera clubs and groups with an interest in photography. An ability to walk is the only fitness requirement. A minimum of four and maximum of eight participants is required. Tours will run weather permitting.

Bookings and enquiries can be made through Lisa Hogben Photography at or Bruce Easton at Wilderness Sports

Cost is $385 per day and includes snow shoeing equipment, hot chocolate, snacks and the review venue. For groups of eight a 10% discount applies.


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