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I have to say thank you to the Spirits, Ancestors and Elders of this Ngarigo Country for yesterday…Ski-ing powder at the Golf Course and Funnel Web at Thredbo is the greatest gift anyone could ask for…

I think the song says it all…

(And wow how is Tom Jones?)


This is Mike Bowers and he is the quintessential GoPro!

The shot has been taken on a GoPro system but Mike is also one of the most notable photojournalists that Australia can lay claim to and a Pro in every sense of the word. So much so that even this ski self portrait is perfectly composed!

Mike’s biography is more than impressive…As a photojournalist his development  started out with 14 years in the Press Gallery in Canberra covering five Federal election campaigns and accompanying 3 Prime Ministers on various national and international trips and extended to include tours of duty in conflicts in Cambodia, Kosovo, Bougainville, PNG and The Middle East. He was Pictorial Editor for the Sydney Morning Herald from 2001-2008. Mike was also Chief Photographer for The Sydney Morning Herald before becoming freelance.

Mike is a regular commentator on ABC radio and the host of Talking Pictures on Insiders which airs on ABC 1 and NEWS 24 on Sunday mornings.

He has published 3 books, “Gallipoli Untold Stories, The Big Picture”, “175 Years of The Sydney Morning Herald” and “A Century of Pictures, 100 years of Herald Photography”. He is in the Final stages of his fourth book, “Armageddon, Trouble On A Faded ANZAC Trail” a joint venture with journalist Paul Daley.

So while the GoPro system is easily accessible to most consumers today it takes a master of their art to create a shot as well balanced as this one….Nice to see Mike GoPro!

This is a photograph of Seamans Hut of a night time and is one of my favorite images that I shot for a TIME Magazine Special Edition in 2007. It wasn’t published with that story but I have a print of it on my wall that never fails to remind me of the incredible beauty and awesome power of the Snowy Mountains.

Seamans Hut was in fact built in 1929 as a memorial to a skier, Laurie Seaman and his friend Evan Hayes who both lost their lives in a wild turn of weather on the peaks of Targangil (Targangil is the Ngarrigo Aboriginal name for Mount Kosciuszko). And while this image always makes me think of a benign nativity scene, there is no mistaking the potency of the reason for the construction of Seamans Hut.

Yet it is this paradox, between the sweetness of the image and the savageness of the terrain that gives this image its depth. When a photographer picks up their camera and points in a certain direction I believe it is important to comprehend what it actually is that they are looking at. Everyone has a camera now days… so what defines the ‘Art’ of photography as opposed to just more visual wallpaper? And why is photography one of the most commonly used languages in the world?

At ‘Its A Hard Life’ we would love to hear your thoughts on this. What is it that creates that indefinable difference between just a photograph of  something and something more? Have you got a photograph that truly describes the essence of something in the Snowy Mountains? If so we would like to see it and put you in the running for a free place in a one day workshop or private photographic lesson in September in the Snowy Mountains.

To enter, simply upload your photograph to the Flickr Group ‘Its A Hard LIfe’ (access by clicking the icon on the left hand side of the page) clearly marked with the image title and your photo credit. Then send us an email with your contact details and if we decide to publish it we will get in touch and do a short interview with you.

Closing date is the 1st September so get your photos in now. The judging panel will be drawn from the editorial committee of Photojournale and this competition has NO copyright restrictions and NO entry fee.

For further information on the upcoming Photographic Workshops please have a look at our Photographic Workshops From Beginners To Masterclass page.

Or is there?

From where I stand today’s Snowy Mountains forecast seems to be for calm and cloudless weather…. But there is a storm brewing over on the Jindabyne Notice Board Facebook page, here.

Several concerned Jindabynians have noticed strange and well rather odd cloud formations in the air space over Lake Jindabyne and are asking questions. Specifically of the geo-engineering kind.

While ‘Its A Hard Life’ has not sought comment directly from Snowy Hydro to either confirm or deny reports of cloud seeding with untested chemicals in the area, Jindabyne locals, Dreadful Dan and Poppy Seed are keeping their eyes on the skys for planes with cloud trails of any description…

Of course if they see any black helicopters ‘Its A Hard LIfe’ recommends they run for the hills.

The truth is out there….

Temperature wise, today in the Snowy Mountains feels more like October last year than a June day this year.

The skies were blue and there was not a cloud in the sky. I mean last October…the 20th to be exact.

Bruce Easton, who is the guy in the photo above, crossing the Snowy River  took ‘A Hard Life’ and Owain Price from SnowAction Magazine for a little back country jaunt to Blue Lake on a day like today and while it was a 20km round trip it was certainly worth the effort to make some turns in that new spring snow.

You can see more of that exploit by checking out our Flickr pages.

So if the resorts aren’t beckoning to you and you are feeling a little adventurous may I humbly suggest you go for a wander out in the back country….

But while you can lose that jaded feeling from too much resort ski-ing don’t lose yourself…have a chat with Bruce at Wilderness Sports first, he is a great guide and can assist you with all your back country needs.